What does old school mean?


Idiom Meaning:

old-fashioned or traditional


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Ash vs Evil Dead “Fire in the Hole” (2015)

Time of Scene: n/a

Ashley ‘Ash’ J. Williams: But hey, this ain’t so bad. Spend some quality time, like you’ve dreamin’ about.

Amanda Fisher: You think this is the right time for hitting on me?

Ashley ‘Ash’ J. Williams: There’s no bad time. I’m old school, baby.

Amanda Fisher: Oh, you’re old somethin’.


Castle “Home Is Where the Heart Stops” (2009)

Time of Scene: 00:09:00

Kevin Ryan: Why do you writers always call them perps?

Richard Castle: Isn’t that what you call ’em?

Kevin Ryan: Ah, we got a whole lot of names for ’em. Pipe-head, pisshead, ork, creep.

Javier Esposito: Crook, knucklehead, chucklehead.

Kevin Ryan: Chud, turd.

Javier Esposito: Destro, skell.

Kevin Ryan: Skeksi, slicko, slick.

Javier Esposito: Mope.

Kevin Ryan: Sleestak.

Richard Castle: Slow down, slow down.

Kate Beckett: Suspects. We call them suspects.

Captain Roy Montgomery: I’m old school. I like dirtbag.

Richard Castle: Classic.


George Carlin: Life Is Worth Losing (2005)

Time of Scene: n/a

George Carlin: I’m a modern man. A man for the millenium. Digital and smoke free. A diversified multicultural postmodern deconstructionist, politically, anatomically, and ecologically incorrect. I’ve been uplinked and downloaded, I’ve been inputted and outsourced. I know the upside of downsizing I know the downside of upgrading. I’m a high tech lo-life. A cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, bi-coastal multitasker and I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond. I’m new wave but I’m old school and my inner child is outward bound. I’m a hotwired, heatseaking, warmhearted cool customer, voice activated and biodegradable. I interface with my database and my database is in cyberspace, so I’m interactive, I’m hyperactive, and from time to time I’m radioactive. Behind the eight ball, ahead of the curve, riding the wave, dodging the bullet, and pushing the envelope. I’m on point, on task, on message, and off drugs. I got no need for coke and speed. I got no urge to binge and purge. I’m in the moment, on the edge, over the top, but under the radar. A high concept, low profile, medium range ballistic missionary. A streetwise smartbomb. A top-gun bottom feeder.

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Old School Idiom


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