What does an arm and a leg mean?


Idiom Meaning:

very expensive


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Melancholia (2011)

Time of Scene: ~00:38:00

John: Do you have any idea how much this party cost me? A ballpark figure?

Justine: No. I don’t. Should I?

John: Yes, I think you should. A great deal of money. A huge amount of money. In fact for most people, an arm and a leg.

Justine: I hope you feel it’s well spent.

John: Well that depends whether or not we have a deal.

Justine: A deal?

John: Yes, a deal. That you be happy.


The Bad Batch (2016)

The Dream: All the things you’ve done, have put you right here with me. To life… life is The Dream. The only Dream. Cost lot to be here. Cost you an arm and a leg.


The Fly II (1989)

Time of Scene: ~01:03:45

Beth Logan: You bastard! Where’s your compassion?

Stathis Borans: I had to give it up. It cost me an arm and a leg!

Martin Brundle: It cost you more than that.



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An Arm And A Let Idiom


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