What does brownie points mean?


Idiom Meaning:

rewards for a good deed


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


O’Grady “Party Gong” (2004)

Time of Scene: n/a

Abby Wilde: Thanks, Mr. Lipschitz.

Kevin Harnisch: Thanks, Mr. Lipschitz! Can I have some extra brownie points?


Cracker “To Be a Somebody: Part 1” (1994)

Time of Scene: 01:05:00

Albie Kinsella: You see, people need to believe. People need to congregate but there’s nothing left to believe in, nothing left to congregate for, only football. And they know that…

Fitz: Who’s ‘they’?

Albie Kinsella: The bizzies. The politicians. We go to the match. They march us along. They slam us against walls, they treat us like scum. We look for help. We’re Socialists. We’re trade unionists and we look to the Labour Party for help. But we’re not queers. We’re not black. We’re not Paki. There’s no brownie points for speaking up for us so the Labour Party turns its back. We’re not getting treated like scum any more. We’re getting treated like wild animals. And, yeah, one or two of us start acting like wild animals and the cages go up and ninety-six people die. The bizzies, the bourgeois lefties… they caused Hillsborough. And they’re going to pay.


NCIS “UnSEALeD” (2004)

Time of Scene: 00:32:00

Agent Caitlin ‘Kate’ Todd: You were a boy scout?

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: Cub.

Agent Caitlin ‘Kate’ Todd: What did they kick you out for?

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: Trying to score brownie points.


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Brownie Points Idiom


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