What does flesh and blood mean?


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Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Dark Matter “Episode 1.12” (2015)

Time of Scene: ~00:08:00

Two: You saw the scans.

One: Yeah, and they said you’re flesh and blood.

Two: Artificially constructed. Like one of those transfer transit clones.

One: Those only last a few days. They’re not sustainable organisms. And they don’t have minds of their own.


Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Time of Scene: ~00:04:50

Louis: I’m flesh and blood, but not human. I haven’t been human for two hundred years.

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The Twilight Zone “Shadow Play” (1961)

Time of Scene: ~00:23:35

Narrator: We know that a dream can be real, but who ever thought that reality could be a dream? We exist, of course, but how? In what way? As we believe, as flesh and blood human beings, or are we simply parts of someone’s feverish complicated nightmare? Think about it, and then ask yourself, do you live here, in this country, in this world, or do you live, instead, in The Twilight Zone?



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Flesh And Blood Idiom


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