What does hang on mean?


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Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


The Social Network (2010)

Gretchen: 18,000 dollars?

Eduardo Saverin: Yes.

Gretchen: In addition to the $1,000 you’d already put up?

Eduardo Saverin: Yes.

Gretchen: A total of $19,000 now?

Eduardo Saverin: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: Hang on. I’m just checking your math on that. Yes, I got the same thing.

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Kidding “The New You” (2018)

Time of Scene: ~00:21:40

Mom: Six dollars for a slice of pizza! That’s like a thirty dollar meal! Who comes in here that can afford that?

Diego: My boss says global warming iced out the tomato crops this year, so can you just please stop yelling at me?

Jeff Pickles: Can you hang on a sec? …Excuse me. Whatever anybody wants for the rest of the day is free.

Diego: Like, start a tab? I don’t… don’t think I’m allowed to do that.

Jeff Pickles: Sure you can. Give this to yourself. It feels wonderful.

Son: Thank you Mister Pickles!

Vivian: Saving the world…

Jeff Pickles: Nahh. Feeding it.



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Hang On Idiom


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