What does icing on the cake mean?


Idiom Meaning:

an inessential but attractive bonus to something


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


The History Boys (2006)

Time of Scene: ~00:41:00

Mrs. Bibby: Our lord and master, having grudgingly conceded that art may have its uses, I gather I’m supossed to give your Oxford and Cambridge boys a smattering of art history.

Hector: Not my bag, Hazel. Irwin’s your man.

Tom Irwin: It’s really just the icing on the cake.

Mrs. Bibby: Is art ever anything else?


The Mentalist “Copper Bullet” (2015)

Time of Scene: ~00:11:40

Bill Peterson: There’s a new wave coming into DC I can help a Congressman do something opportune, like block an appointment that his party is desperate to kill, say? He’s in my debt. It’s money in the bank. The future, Jane. That’s what I’m thinking about. Screwing Dennis Abbott, that’s just icing on the cake.

Patrick Jane: Won’t work.

Bill Peterson: We’ll see.

Patrick Jane: Yes, we will. We shall see.


The Simpsons “When Flanders Failed” (1991)

Time of Scene: ~00:04:00

Bart: You lie like a fly with a booger in its eye.

Homer: The fly was funny, but the booger was the icing on the cake.



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Icing On The Cake Idiom


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