What does joined at the hip mean?


Idiom Meaning:

very close (with a partner or friend)


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Bridesmaids (2011)

Time of Scene: ~00:21:10

Helen: Maid of honor! There she is! It’s so lovely to meet Lillian’s childhood friend!

Annie: You’re so pretty.

Helen: You’re so cute! Oh you’re so sweet.

Lillian: Helen is married to Dougie’s boss. Mr. Harris. Perry.

Helen: And they’re so close now they’re literally joined at the hip. Which is good because so are we.


Flashback (1990)

Time of Scene: ~00:05:50

John Buckner: You want to know why, Mr. Walker? Because from here to Spokane, you and I are joined at the hip. You do what I say when I say it. You don’t even take a piss without me watching. If you try to escape, I’m authorized to stop you any way I see fit. Do I make myself clear?

Huey Walker: Don’t worry, kid. I won’t give you no exuse to blow me away.

John Buckner: That’s good.

Huey Walker: Hey, do you want to watch me piss now?


Star Trek: Voyager “Timeless” (1998)

Time of Scene: ~00:21:00

The Doctor: And how did you get involved with Bonnie and Clyde here?

Tessa Omond: Oh, I’ve had an interest in Voyager for a long time.

Harry Kim: They’re having sex.

The Doctor: Pardon?

Harry Kim: Chakotay and Tess. They’re a couple joined at the hip.



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Joined At The Hip Idiom


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