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The Deuce “Pilot” (2017)

Time of Scene: ~00:24:50

Vincent Martino: I’m holding up my end.

Kim: We’re dying here. I have mortgage. Two car payment. Son wants to go to MIT. MIT! Now I have to tell him community college, maybe.

Vincent Martino: Don’t look at me. Bar pulls money. Some anyway. If you didn’t make me run off the whores and the street people before eleven o’clock, you’d make more. They gotta drink too.

Kim: Family restaurant.

Vincent Martino: Yeah. Where’s the fucking families? I think it’s that kimchi shit you’re serving. Or the dog meat or cat or whatever.

Kim: No dog! Beef. Marinated beef.

Vincent Martino: Alright, well, nobody eats Korean food, Kim. Probably not even in Korea if they can fuckin’ help it. Why don’t you get someone in here. Cook up some steaks. Or Italian.

Kim: No good. Lunch empty. Dinner empty.

Vincent Martino: Alright, easy. Keep calm, alright?

Kim: One more month. We close.

Vincent Martino: Hey hey hey… keep your head, alright? Don’t get all excited for fuck’s sake. Just give me a chance to think. I’m in this with you.


Inside Man (2006)

Time of Scene: ~01:01:34

Keith Frazier: Let’s just try to keep everybody calm, okay?

Dalton Russell: Don’t I sound calm to you?

Keith Frazier: Yeah, you do.



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Keep Calm Idiom


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