What does no spring chicken mean?


Idiom Meaning:

no longer young


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


The Fire Within (1963)

Time of Scene: n/a

Eva: You look like death warmed over.

Alain Leroy: You’re no spring chicken yourself.


Fanny (1961)

Time of Scene: n/a

Honorine: She is forty years younger than you!

Panisse: That is not my fault. I admit I am no spring chicken, but I also admit that I have six hundred thousand francs.

Honorine: My poor Panisse.


The Sopranos “Everybody Hurts” (2002)

Time of Scene: n/a

Tony Soprano: I’ve been wanting to talk to you.

Christopher Moltisanti: Yeah, I’ve been wanting to talk to you too.

Tony Soprano: I’ll go first. I’ve got to make it my number one priority to limit my exposure to potentially damaging conversations: wire taps and shit like that.

Christopher Moltisanti: Sure, guy in your position…

Tony Soprano: So, over the next couple years, more and more, I’m going to be giving my orders through you, and finally, only through you.

Christopher Moltisanti: What about Sil? You got that with him, and Paulie?

Tony Soprano: Those other guys: Sil, Paulie, one thing they’re not, they’re not my blood. You hear what I’m saying to you? It’s a matter of trust

Christopher Moltisanti: It’s very wise.

Tony Soprano: Sil’s a good Consigliere and his going to continue on as such but his no fuckin’ spring chicken either. On the other hand there’s no reason to give him a fuckin’ attitude either.

Christopher Moltisanti: No, of course not.

Tony Soprano: Now there’s going to be a period of transition.



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No Spring Chicken Idiom


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