What does off the hook mean?


Idiom Meaning:

to escape obligation (or something exciting)


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Liberal Arts (2012)

Time of Scene: ~01:06:00

Jesse Fisher: Well, it bothers me.

Zibby: Well, it shouldn’t. Age is a stupid thing to obsess over. What if reincarnation is real, huh? Think about that. What if I am like thousands of years older than you?

Jesse Fisher: Okay, that’s not really a sound argument.

Zibby: Why not?

Jesse Fisher: Because it’s like saying what if reality is all an illusion, then there are no consequences to anything. We’re completely off the hook. And I believe in consequences.

Zibby: No, you believe in guilt.

Jesse Fisher: Maybe, but guilt before we act is called morality.


The Best Man (1999)

Time of Scene: ~00:50:20

Quentin: This shit is about to be ignorant, off the hook. Luke… dancers.


The Walking Dead “Cherokee Rose” (2011)

Time of Scene: ~00:11:00

Rick Grimes: Daryl. You okay on your own?

Daryl Dixon: I’m better on my own. I’ll be back before dark.

Rick Grimes: Hey. We got a base. We can get this search properly organized now.

Daryl Dixon: You got a point or are we just chatting?

Rick Grimes: My point is it lets you off the hook. You don’t owe us anything.



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Off The Hook Idiom


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