What does question of time mean?


Idiom Meaning:

an inevitability


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Life During Wartime (2010)

Time of Scene: ~01:02:50

Trish: Are you seeing anyone?

Mark Wiener: No, I’m more focused on China. Everything else is history. It’s just a question of time.


The Killer Elite (1975)

Time of Scene: ~00:43:10

Lawrence Weyburn: Chung, I thought somebody had taken care of him.

O’Leary: It’s just a question of time. But it’s not in the national interest that it should happen either today or for that matter tomorrow. It’s especially central that it doesn’t happen under any circumstances within the confines of the United States. What happens to him Friday, after he’s gone, is no longer our concern.


The Veteran (2011)

Time of Scene: ~00:27:00

Robert Miller: We were told Al Qaeda never use women.

Gerry Langdon: Every parasite adopts to its host and evolves. It’s only a question of time.



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Question Of Time Idiom


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