What does right as rain mean?


Idiom Meaning:

perfectly fit or feeling great


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Tabula Rasa” (2001)

Time of Scene: ~00:17:30

Giles: We’ll get our memory back, and it’ll all be right as rain.

Spike: Oh, listen to Mary Poppins. He’s got his crust all stiff and upper with that nancy boy accent. You Englishmen are always so… bloody hell.

Spike: Sodding, blimey, shagging, knickers, bollocks. Oh, god. I’m English.

Giles: Welcome to the nancy tribe.


Charlotte’s Web (2006)

Time of Scene: ~00:33:40

Dr. Dorian: Does she look well?

Mrs. Arable: Yes.

Dr. Dorian: Appetite’s good?

Mrs. Arable: Mmm hmm.

Dr. Dorian: Does she sleep well at night?

Mrs. Arable: Yes. I mean, she’s right as rain in that way.

Dr. Dorian: Well, there is a name for her condition. It’s called a childhood phase. And, sadly, it’s something she’ll grow out of.


Sold Under Sin (2004)

Time of Scene: ~00:28:10

Seth Bullock: Knowin’ how he does, they won’t want their son’s rightful property in the hands of the woman who killed him. He’ll swear to what he heard from her own lips, and those society people in New York City, who live with their heads up their asses anyway, will believe him. And whoever they send out here may take up to fifteen minutes before they decide that you were involved in the transaction first to last. It must’ve been you and your boss she hired to push her idiot husband off the cliff. ‘Course, they’ll be wrong about Mrs. Garret, but they’ll be right as rain about you two cocksuckers. You tell him all that upstairs.

Dan Dority: If he don’t die.

Seth Bullock: If he don’t die. I don’t think I killed him.

Dan Dority: Just so I understand you… if he don’t die, you’re sayin’ the man’s luck don’t have to hold out. Now that’s the message you want me to take upstairs.

Seth Bullock: I don’t swim in that shit.



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Right As Rain Idiom


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