What does rock the boat mean?


Idiom Meaning:

cause problems


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


500 Days of Summer (2009)

Time of Scene: n/a

Tom: Well, “Why rock the boat?” is what I’m thinking. I mean, things are going well. You start putting labels on it, that’s like the kiss of death. That’s like saying, “I love you.”


Super Fly (1972)

Time of Scene: 01:17:00

Eddie: Are you crazy? You know damn well who killed Scatter. And if we fuck up, he’ll kill us too. Besides, we got it beat. We’ll make a fortune. Just don’t rock the boat, man.

Youngblood Priest: Its worst now than it was before. Look, that Man owns us. You understand that, Eddie? To him we’re not real. He’ll just use us and then kill us.

Eddie: You have people been using me all my whole life. Yeah, that that honky’s using me, so what? You know, I’m glad he’s using me. Because I’m gonna make a piss pot full of money and I’m gonna live like a Prince – a fuckin’ Black Prince! Yeah, this is the life! I could be nothin’ nowhere else. And about his killing me? Shit, I don’t care. As long as he gets me to live to be an old motherfucker! And I ain’t gonna do nothin’ to him to kill me now!


Brian’s Song (1971)

Time of Scene: 00:14:00

Ed McCaskey: This is 1965 and we’d like the Bears to room together according to position, without any regard to race. So, we’d like you and Brian Piccolo to room together.

Gale Sayers: That’s all? That’s what this is about?

J.C. Caroline: Is that all?

Gale Sayers: Yeah, I – you had me worried. I thought it was something really.

J.C. Caroline: Say, this is something really. Man, you’re talkin’ about a white man and a black man rooming together on team that’s never been done before. And you’re gonna be called a “Tom” by some blacks and “uppity nigger” by some whites. And when we go on the road, man, I’m talkin’ about we goin’ to Atlanta, Houston, Miami, New Orleans. It ain’t gonna be no better in Detroit or Minnesota or San Francisco or any other town we play in. You gonna rock the boat, Sayers. And there’s people out there already that’s seasick.



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Rock the Boat Idiom


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