What does run a tight ship mean?


Idiom Meaning:

to be strict and structured


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Catnip and Trust (2004)

Time of Scene: ~00:03:30

Kate: Please tell me this isn’t what I think it is.

Larry: Yep, that’s catnip.

Kate: Oh God, our daughter’s a niphead.

Sarmoti: Nice. You run a tight ship champ.

Kate: This explains the locked doors and the weird attitude.

Larry: Look, she’s a teenager. She’s bound to experiment.

Sarmoti: Bound to experiment? Way to parent with authority. Call me when she’s pregnant.


Matilda (1996)

Time of Scene: ~00:21:00

Agatha Trunchbull: I need a car, inexpensive but reliable. Can you service me?

Harry Wormwood: In a manner of speaking, yes. Uh, welcome to Wormwood Motors. Harry Wormwood, owner, founder, whatever.

Agatha Trunchbull: Agatha Trunchbull, principal, Crunchem Hall Elementary School.

Harry Wormwood: Huh.

Agatha Trunchbull: I warn you, sir, I want a tight car, because I run a tight ship.

Harry Wormwood: Oh yeah, well uh…

Agatha Trunchbull: My school is a model of discipline! Use the rod; beat the child. That’s my motto.

Harry Wormwood: Terrific motto!



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Run A Tight Ship Idiom


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