What does shut up mean?


Idiom Meaning:

be quiet


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Eighth Grade (2018)

Time of Scene: ~00:15:10

Mark Day: You said I could say one thing. Can I say one thing, please?

Kayla Day: Fine.

Mark Day: Thank you. Look. When I was your age, I wasn’t cool like you. You have all these interests. And your videos and just how you express yourself. It’s so… it’s just so cool. It’s so great. And I just… I just think maybe you just need to put yourself out there a little bit.

Kayla Day: Please stop.

Mark Day: And I know the kids at school are not great. I’m not saying you have to be best friends with Kennedy Graves. And I know this is gonna sound lame. I just think you’re a really special person.

Kayla Day: Dad…

Mark Day: And I know it’s like, you know, all dad’s think that. And I… but even if I wasn’t your dad, I would still think that. I would.

Kayla Day: Dad…

Mark Day: I’m sorry…

Kayla Day: Dad…

Mark Day: I would…

Kayla Day: Dad!

Mark Day: I…

Kayla Day: This is more than one thing.

Mark Day: It’s a chunk of things.

Kayla Day: Uggg.

Mark Day: And I know, it’s like, dad, shut up. Dad, shut up. I get it. Please. I get it. But I’m actually not saying this to make you feel bad. I’m saying it to make you feel better.

Kayla Day: You know what would make me feel better?

Mark Day: What?

Kayla Day: Is if you let me go on my phone.

Mark Day: Ok, fine. Go ahead.


Vacation (1983)

Time of Scene: ~00:51:40

Ellen Griswold: Stay in the car! It’s hot and dangerous out here.

Aunt Edna: Don’t you tell me what to do. I’ll do what I want! I should never have come on this trip with you. I should have taken an airplane. And he… He shouldn’t even have a license to drive an automobile! He should be behind bars!

Ellen Griswold: Sit down and shut up! Move out of that seat and I’ll split your lip!

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Shut Up Idiom


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