What does vice versa mean?


Idiom Meaning:

the other way around (the opposite)


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Married with Children “Old Insurance Dodge” (1993)

Time of Scene: ~00:11:00

Marcy: You could really use the money, Al. I mean it should be your choice to walk around with green teeth and yellow underwear. Or some times vice versa.


Pinocchio (1940)

Time of Scene: ~00:18:20

Jiminy Cricket: Now, you see, the world is full of temptations.

Pinocchio: Temptations?

Jiminy Cricket: Yep, temptations. They’re the wrong things that seem right at the time. But uh… even though the right things may seem wrong sometimes, or sometimes the wrong things may be right at the wrong time, or vice versa.

Jiminy Cricket: Understand?

Pinocchio: Uh uh. But I’m gonna do right.

Jiminy Cricket: Atta boy, Pinoke! And I’m gonna help ya.


The Rat Race (1960)

Time of Scene: ~01:24:00

Mac, Owner of Macs Bar: Ah don’t sweat honey, perfectly normal. Half the world is looking for the other half, did you ever notice it? Just consider it. Buyers and sellers trying to meet up and vice versa. Crooks lookin’ for suckers, boys for girls. Tops for bottoms and bottoms for tops, very interesting. No end. Jobs lookin’ for people, people lookin’ for jobs or for trouble.



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Vice Versa Idiom


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