What does your call mean?


Idiom Meaning:

you should decide


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Narcos “Explosivos” (2015)

Time of Scene: ~00:42:30

Javier Peña: He’s out of bullets. We can take him alive.

Horatio Carrillo: It’s your call.

Javier Peña: Give him lead.


Recount (2008)

Time of Scene: ~01:18:30

Katherine Harris: The Florida Supreme Court stated that if we’re open on Sunday. The returns are due at 5 P.M. It’s Sunday. We’re open. And it’s almost 5 P.M. I have no choice but to follow the law.

Mac Stipanovich: Of course, it’s your call. But I think you’re right on the money here.


The Cowboy Way (1994)

Time of Scene: ~01:22:30

Chango: Hey hey man, you guys can’t do this.

Sonny: I’ll ask you one more time asshole, where’s Teresa?

Chango: I ain’t telling you shit!

Sonny: It’s your call stubby. Let him go Pepper!

Chango: Whoa!

Sonny: Damn, that looks like it hurts.



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Your Call Idiom


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