What does keep your shirt on mean?


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Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Critters (1986)

Time of Scene: ~00:50:00

Charlie McFadden: Keep your shirt on asshole.


The Giant Claw (1957)

Time of Scene: ~00:28:40

Mitch MacAfee: Stop leaning on the buzzer. I’m coming.

Captain: Mr. MacAfee.

Mitch MacAfee: Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Captain: General Buskirk’s respect, sir. He’d like to see you right away.

Mitch MacAfee: Oh, have a heart, Captain. I got in late last night. I just about fell asleep when you woke me.

Captain: Sorry, sir. The General says it’s urgent.

Mitch MacAfee: So is my sleep!

Captain: My orders are to bring you to the General’s office at once, even if I have to take you into protective custody.

Mitch MacAfee: Okay, Captain. Don’t get in a tizzy. You keep your shirt on and I’ll go get my pants on.

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Star Trek: Enterprise “Broken Bow: Part I” (2001)

Time of Scene: ~00:11:30

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: No doubt Mr. Tucker will reassure me that my equipment will be here tomorrow. “Keep your shirt on, Lieutenant.”



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Keep Your Shirt On Idiom


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