What does oh boy mean?


Idiom Meaning:

said when feeling surprised, excited, or overwhelmed


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


First Man (2018)

Time of Scene: ~01:13:01

Ed White: I tell ya, Eddie started asking questions about the new command module.

Neil Armstrong: Is that right?

Ed White: He said it wasn’t gonna fly any different than Gemini. All those little buttons are gonna be in the same place.

Neil Armstrong: Oh boy.

Ed White: Yeah.

Neil Armstrong: You got yourself a little engineer there.

Ed White: I tell you though, I love that he’s interested. It was the other morning, and you know what he did? He comes running up and he says, “Daddy, if you go to the moon, are you gonna be lonely up there, so far away from the earth, all of us back here at home?” It’s as if this whole thing is expanding his horizons. It gives me faith. Does it make sense?

Neil Armstrong: Walter’s got a new swing set.

Ed White: Yeah, I noticed that.

Neil Armstrong: We had a swing like that back in Juniper Hills. Karen really loved it.

Ed White: That’s your daughter.

Neil Armstrong: I guess I ought to be getting home.


30 Rock “The Beginning of the End” (2012)

Liz Lemon: I’m sorry Jack but your shows suck. Have you seen that show “Homonym”?

Irene: Your next word is “meat”.

Contestant: Oh boy. Um, when two people come to one another?

Irene: Sorry! It’s the other one. Your next word is “stare”.

Contestant: Oh, uh, the things you climb.

Irene: No, no! It’s the other one.

Contestant: It’s always the other one! Let me see those cards!

Irene: No! Never!



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Oh Boy Idiom


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