What does until hell freezes over mean?


Idiom Meaning:

forever or for a very long time


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Peaky Blinders “Heathens” (2017)

Time of Scene: N/A

Aunt Polly: I never thought my high fucking heels from Paris would be stepping through the whole shit of Small Heath ever again.

Ada Shelby: Temporary, Polly.

Lizzie Stark: Yeah. Until hell freezes over.


Law & Order “Gov Love” (2004)

Time of Scene: N/A

Jack McCoy: If you think you’re going to walk away from this free and clear, you’re wrong. There’s no statute of limitations on murder. I’ll wait Devin out until hell freezes over. And when I finally convict you, you’ll do 25 to life!


ER “Carter’s Choice” (1998)

Time of Scene: N/A

Dr. John Carter: How long is Weaver going to keep you on nights, Jerry?

Nurse Lydia Wright: I believe her exact words were, “Until hell freezes over.”



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