What does upper hand mean?


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Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


New Girl “Tinfinity” (2013)

Time of Scene: ~00:06:30

Winston Bishop: I couldn’t stop you from inviting Jax to the party, but I can stop it from going any further. I will not lose Jax as a friend, okay? I might not have any game, but oh my goodness, can I take game away.

Jess: I’m getting that mouth on my mouth, and don’t you try to stop me, you…

Winston Bishop: Look, clearly I have the upper hand when it comes to Jax.

Jess: Do you?

Winston Bishop: Oh, I do, because I know all about sports. Jess, you know nothing about sports.


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Indiscretion” (1995)

Time of Scene: ~00:19:30

Quark: You Hew-mans. All you wanna do is please your women. You want them to be your friends. But we Ferengi know better: women are the enemy, and we treat them accordingly. The key is to never let them get the upper hand. If she says she doesn’t see you enough, threaten to see her even less. If she wants more gifts, take back the ones you’ve already given her. It’s all about control.

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: What if your woman leaves you?

Quark: That’s what holosuites are for.


Tales from the Crypt “The Secret” (1990)

Time of Scene: ~00:24:20

Crypt Keeper: Finally, the kid gets the upper hand. Or should I say, the upper paw. Just when Mom and Pop were about to satisfy their sweet tooth, Theodore decides to wolf down something besides sweets! Well, that’s all for now, kiddies. As one cow said to the other as they headed off to slaughter, “’til next we meat!”



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Upper Hand Idiom


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