What does many moons mean?


Idiom Meaning:

a long time


Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows:


Chastity Bites (2013)

Time of Scene: ~01:21:10

Leah: Not so fast, you eurotrash hell whore.

Katharine: Leah!

Liz Batho: Leah. You little brat. I knew you’d make an appearance here tonight, just as your ancestor did on this night, so many moons ago.

Leah: What does that mean?

Liz Batho: I knew I recognized your bloodline the moment I saw you, cousin.

Katharine: Cousin?

Liz Batho: Yes. Your friend, Leah, is a direct descendant of Emperor Matthias II, who condemned me to death by walling me inside my bedchamber. But my power was strong, and a fortnight after they buried me in the cold earth, my devoted coven brought me back.


Peter Pan (1953)

Time of Scene: ~00:35:50

Indian Chief: For many moons, red man fight paleface Lost Boys. Sometime, you win. Sometime, we win.

Lost Boy (Bear): Okay, Chief. You win this time. Now turn us loose.

John: Turn us loose? You mean this is only a game?

Lost Boy (Fox): Sure. When we win, we turn them loose.

Lost Boy (Racoon): When they win, they turn us loose.

Indian Chief: This time, no turnum loose.

Lost Boy (Fox): Huh? The chief’s a great spoofer!



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Many Moons Idiom


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